Mark Your Calendars




2013-2014 Grants

The North Kitsap Schools Foundation is awarding over $45,000 in grants to help North Kitsap students succeed. The funds will provide services for struggling students, support STEM programs and help bridge the gap between local needs and state funding.  

  • $5,000 to Agriculture, Science and Environmental Center (ASEC) for start-up costs that will serve K-12 students throughout the district. In partnership with local farmers, the district has already put unused greenhouses on the PMS campus back to work producing veggies that will be used in the Culinary Arts program at the Odin Inn
  • $5,000 to ASEC to provide subs during teacher training
  • $5,000 to Kingston Middle School to purchase Math Whizz licenses
  • $5,000 to Rolling Reader for reading and math tutoring
  • $5,000 to Wolfle Elementary for iPad minis and cases
  • $3,916 to Kingston High School to purchase eight iPads for science classes
  • $3,000 to Gordon Elementary to help staff  before-school academic lab
  • $2,967 to Suquamish Elementary for Lexia Reading Core5 to help students who are below grade level in reading
  • $2,000 to Poulsbo Elementary to help staff an after-school math lab for underperforming students
  • $2,000 to North Kitsap High School to purchase novel sets for 9th and 10th grade English classes
  • $2,000 to Summer Science Academy for supplies, field trip costs and guest speakers
  • $1,600 to Pearson Elementary to staff and provide supplies for before-school intervention for fifth graders who are below grade-level in reading
  • $1,384 to North Kitsap High School for a computer to edit student-made videos for English and AP English
  • $667 to North Kitsap High School band in matching funds for a Music Matters grant to buy and repair instruments and buy music
  • $600 to Vinland Elementary for non-fiction books for the before-school reading lab

Total Awarded: $45,134

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